Friday, June 29, 2007

Ready to Launch

Only 3 days left until I'm off to Iqaluit. Less than 2 days left in Toronto. The countdown is on. I'm not sure it's entirely hit me yet. Over the past week, I've been a bundle of highs and lows, of super-excited-ness and sadness at leaving. But the excited part of me is definitely winning - I'm gonna be up north for almost endless light (at least for now), the sealift, Nunavut day, and countless other unknown adventures. I've never been away from southern Ontario for this long, and I've never been so uncertain about what to expect in a destination. But, I'm about as prepared as I can be, and I know I'm gonna kick ass in the vast treeless expanse of my new home.

Besides my preparations for going away, I've started taking an ESL teaching course online. I get to research websites like this one, featuring an ESL song sung by someone with an accent so Australian it hurts. Not unlike Crocodile Dundee's large knife stabbing you repeatedly.

Tonight, as most people who would be reading this already know, I'm having people over to say goodbye, drink some beers, and generally have a blast. So come on by!


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