Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm less impressed with courier font than I was previously

I work at a call centre for a bank. Some days are okay. Friday sucked. At one point I turned to this guy I work with, who's generally pretty cheerful...
"Kent, I think I'm losing all faith in humanity."
"Oh, I already have!" he replied, sort of laughing, but also serious.

Which is a pretty good way to sum up my job. Minus the rant about how stupid corporations are, and modern capitalism. But I'll save that for later.

Soon, I go to part time, and focus on my real career: being wicked awesome.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Green Cross

Firstly, I'd like to announce that I really enjoy courier font.

Secondly, I bought a package of clorettes last night. I bought them because I've been drinking too much coffee working nights, and I've fallen into fears built by years of advertising about offensive breath. Maybe I'm succeptible since my dad frequently has bad breath, and it's not pretty. I've never quite had the heart to tell him this, but if he ever reads this... well, there you go, dad.

Anyway, as always, I had a period of indecisiveness at the gum display. I got clorettes because they seemed old-skool; they have a pretty basic logo, just a cross, that promises bluntly to get right to the medical point of the matter. I even got "original" flavour. Plus, I refuse to buy any gum that promises through its advertising that it's guaranteed to get you laid. Which is 90% of the minty gum industry. Also, I'm sick of "extreme" "icy" flavoured gum. If I want extreme, I'll jump out of a plane, or run with the bulls in Spain.
However, the problems with clorettes soon developed into an excel spreadsheet:
1 - I love the logo, but it's a bit too honest... the stuff tastes like medicine.
2 - Maybe this is contrary to point 1, but not only does it not taste good, but the flavour doesn't even last. Maybe I've gotten too accustomed to those "extreme" flavours I hate.
This short life span is in part due to....
3 - The gum is at least 50% outer shell. This means that after the initial burst of flavour, you're left with a microscopic piece of chewability that suffers the problems of point #2.
4 - Don't like blister packs. The blister-pack-manufacturing industy must have one heck of a sales force and team of lobbyists. 5- Actually, I don't really like gum. Why the hell didn't I just buy regular candies?

Anyway, next time I'll try to talk about something other than the minutae of my consumerism.