Thursday, October 06, 2005

My pillow smells better than it ever has before
and the day is bright as october is outdoing itself
but I feel kinda crappy, my stomach spinning and my head aching,
but my heart feels good, so what else can I ask for?
I just wish I could shake off my often inadequate body
let it fall like red leaves to the ground

In more mundane news, I went on this human river walk on Sunday, tracing the path of where Garrison Creek used to run and now only flows underground. I'm writing an article for the Gleaners, and took some pics:

Also, October is a month of wikked awesome music. Went to see Lucinda Williams on Monday at Massey Hall. Totally amazing. This woman sitting next to me enjoyed it more than I did though... she would go on between songs about how amazing lucinda was, and start moaning orgasmically. Frankly, it made me a little uncomfortable. And when Lucinda would say something sort of funny, this woman would laugh wayyy too much.

Also, I saw my old creative writing professor Leon Rooke, who sat right behind me at the show. I was too shy to say anything, as I'm positive he wouldn't have remembered me anyway. Still, it was cool that he was there.

At the end of the show, Lucinda told everyone to make the most of every moment because you don't get too many of them. Corny, but true, especially for me lately. But I'm pretty confident I'm making the most of things these days... and it rules.

Such as going to see Chixdiggit on Saturday at the Horseshoe... truly one of the absolute funnest live bands on the planet. That'll totally kick ass... they know how the make the most of every fuckin' rocknroll moment. Fuckin' right!!! whoo!