Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Time is a relentless ride

Wow! The last time I posted on here, I put a picture of a tree with it's leaves turning colour. Since then, as most of you already know, it got cold... fast. Leaves on trees didn't stand a chance with a December that tasted like January. What's new since then? Alarmingly little. Still working at the stupid job for stupid stupids. Actually, in a fit of dumbness on my part, I added shifts and worked full-time for most of December. Urk.

I had a job interview last week. Didn't hear back today. I'm assuming that means I didn't get it. Oh well. If anyone knows of a job that doesn't suck, let me know. Preferably part-time, and must allow me to keep the majority of my soul... (such as it is)

Oh, in Februrary, I'm taking over my brother's apartment - a sweet 1 bedroom right on Bloor Street. Those extra 10 minutes I currently have to walk north up to almost-Dupont are always a pain. Plus, it should be great for having company over... if you're reading this, you're already invited to my birthday party/housewarming that'll happen in mid-to-late februrary.

Speaking of Birthdays, it's Annemarie's having a birthday party tomorrow. If you're reading this, wish really hard for all of her birthday wishes to come true... all together now...right... NOW!