Monday, November 27, 2006

but, I will leave you with a bit of enlgish-teacher-nerdiness:
First, you can vote for Word of the year,
and, to build your vocabulary with a Word of the day.
I clearly need some sweater vests. And possibly more cardigans.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hey kids,

Look, I appear to have regained the ability to update my blog!
I still haven't ranted about teacher's college yet. But don't worry, that'll be coming soon.
Since I'm stuck in Kingston for another couple of weeks, I'm living a virtual Toronto life by following the municipal election. Check out Spacing Votes for a civic-nerd fix, in large part provided by Gleaner editor Karen. There's a recent link there for a newmindspace event where the carbon dioxide that contriubtes to global warming was represented by 3000 black balloons near metro hall. David Miller came to it and told off the feds - there's a video on the spacing site. Also, check out newmindspace for further cool campaigns, like the process for naming your alley in the city, and an upcoming event involving a whole bunch of LED lights.