Thursday, February 08, 2007

Super Bowl(ing)

Today is an exciting day... my last day of class for two months (well, unless you count teaching a class, which is actually way more work). I celebrated with a couch nap this afternoon, and I'm about to watch The Office and drink a beer. Wow, I'm so old...

Speaking of which, I turn thirty in under 2 weeks. Yikes! The good news is - party at Graffiti's, Sat. the 24th. Be there or be a shape consisting of four equal sides.

Last weekend I stayed in Kingston. I was visited by a beautiful angel. I believe she was an angel because she appeared in a haze of white clouds. Oh, wait, that haze of white was a snow storm. Well, regardless, I stand by my original statement. We spent super bowl sunday doing what I assume everyone does on super bowl sunday... went bowling. (I'm told some people watched some football game that day. I'm not sure why). It was a great honour, since I escorted a 10-pin bowling virgin. Most 10-pin bowling virgins have only been 5-pin bowling before... few of them have only been candlepin bowling before. The verdict? "Your balls are big, but they have holes in 'em"