Sunday, February 26, 2006

The day after...

So, last night I had my birthday/housewarming/evan's going-away party. It was fun... scrabble (and scrabble themed gifts... thanks J!), lotsa food (my curried hummus was enjoyed by all), and lots of good people. I've had a bit of a bummer of a week... I found out I didn't get this job I was hoping for... plus girl problems... But last night was the perfect thing for my mindset, and generally a great time. Thanks to everyone who came! And if you didn't... suckers!

Tonight, dj night goes ahead as scheduled. Come out, and challenge me to a game on my keychain-sized scrabble board. If you win, I'll buy you a shot.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

From Caribbean breezes to whistling winter winds...

Phew! It's been a busy past few weeks. The month started out with my move into my brother's place, which I'm taking over for the next 6 months or so while he does some travelling. In the meantime, things are cozy but comfortable with both of us in a 1bedroom apartment.

Immediately after carting all my stuff into here, I took off for a 1 week getaway to the island of St. Martin. I would post some pictures on the blog here, but I'm using my brother's mac, which doesn't like me posting photo's (I've already lost a fairly long blog entry the last time I tried to post photos). Basically, st.martin is half a dutch colony, and half french, but mostly just your standard beautiful caribbean island covered in amazing beaches. Yeah, I know, you hate me. I spent most of my time on the French side, and was impressed by how culturally french it is... filled with french people doing french stuff - smoking, cursing americans, and taking off their clothes at the beach (or, at most, speedoes for the males and topless females. And, I should point out before you get too excited, mostly old french people without clothes.) The dutch side is a bit more touristy, with casinos, fast food restaurants and larger resorts. If only my dutch bretheren were less agreeable and more surly, like the french, maybe they could've done a better job of maintaining their culture. I only wish I had stayed at a resort on Orient Beach (where I almost booked). But luckily, I stayed a short walk away from another favourite beach, Rouge Baie, where I spent many an afternoon swimming and drinking red stripes. Ahhhhh....

I'm currently plotting a way to spend all of next winter on a carribbean island.

But now I'm back in Toronto, where the past week has gone by like a blur as usual. If you were hoping to reconnect with me tonight at my usual sunday night at the Queenshead, unfortunately there's something else going on this week, and I have this week off. But fear not! Sundays continue next week. Also, I'm throwing a party this coming Saturday the 25th, to celebrate my birthday (happening on Tuesday), my new place, and my brother's future travels. If you're reading this and haven't already gotten an email, just contact me for the 411, yo.

So, those are the highlights of my past few weeks. Are you tingling with all the excitement? I'll have more news, and some pics to post soon. Keep in touch!