Friday, June 23, 2006

Off the woodwork, off the payroll, (hopefully not quite off the rails)

Hey kids! I got the business about not updating my blog (thanks Jill). This is especially unforgivable, since a lot has been going on. I worked my last day at the bank of Canadian Imperialism last week. Since then, things have been pretty awesome, I'd say.

I do have a couple of new jobs though. One involves promoting this Toronto Hydro program called peakSAVER ...basically, I'm spending a few weekends at a Home Depot in Etobicoke trying to bug people while they're shopping. They all think I'm trying to sell them credit cards, and I feel like saying "No! I quit that job! I'm actually doing something morally sound!" If you weren't too lazy to check out the link, it's basically an energy conservation program where people voluntarily sign up to have their central air conditioner monitored so they use less power on peak days (when I'm breathing smog while riding my bike home to my hot and notably un-air-conditioned 3rd floor Bloor St. apartment.) To me, it's a no-brainer to sign up for it (it costs nothing and you get $25), but it's a lot of work because I need to find people who live in the City of Toronto (Mississauga is right near the store) and who have central air. And even then many people either too selfish or too untrusting to sign up. Oh well, overall not such a bad gig. This is my last weekend of doing that.

My second new job is watching the world cup. I'm officially a soccer fan now. All week I've woken up to have my morning coffee while watching the morning game, followed by a pint or 2 in the afternoon. I'm building my soccer vocabulary through the soccer announcers ("Off the wordwork" = Off the post or crossbar of the net, players are "chaps", etc.) I'm pissed that I have to work all weekend, because there are a ton of amazing games on, including the Portugal/Netherlands game, which is both the best matchup of the first round of the final 16, and a battle between my Portuguese neighbourhood and my Dutch heritage.

Anyway, I need to run. I'm fully unemployed as of Monday, so I should be writing in this more often.