Sunday, March 26, 2006

Pizza Bluegrass Scrabble Music

Hey kids... miss me? The past 2 weeks have been fairly eventful, although not necessarily busy. If that makes any sense.

Let's see... first of all, let me post some pics from my party a few weeks ago (actually, almost exactly a month ago, but who's counting) But, I realized that I never posted the awesome birthday card J gave me. Here it is:

Then, we played Scrabble. Once, J got sad cuz he got some bad scrabble tiles. When he was sad, he looked like this:

Then, I gathered together a scrabble posse to gloat. My scrabble posse looked like this:

Let's see... what else is new. Evan's off to South America this week. I'm totally jealous. Although I'm devising my own plans of heading off for some travelling come the fall.

This weekend so far, I've been immersed in country music. Friday night I went to Dave's Pizza on St. Clair to see Sam and Helen and Stompin' Tom's guitar player whose name I forget playin' country music. In a pizza restaurant! (Note: the deep fried calzone is better than the baked.) Then I went to the Saturday bluegrass matinee with the Foggy Hogtown Boys that they're doing every Saturday at the Brunswick House. I haven't been in there since they did the renovations... it's looks good, and it's a good place to see music actually. Last night I met some of my brother's friends from his work, who all went to Karaoke at the Gladstone for a little sendoff.

Other stuff happened too, but maybe I'll talk about them in my next post. Unless they weren't important and I forget about them, or if I do something else more interesting, or I'm just too lazy. Whatever.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

No Clever Headline

Firstly, it's Sunday. You know what that means... Queenshead. Be there. DJ Death Ray joins yours truly, DJ Dooner, and my sidekick (or maybe I'm his sidekick... hmmm...) DJ Rankin' Whitey. We're testing out a scrabble night, possibly to continue every second sunday if successful... so bring your scrabble hat. Or, if not, just listen to the tunes I play. There will be much Devo, for your eggheaded enjoyment. Probably the Jam, and Jens Lekman, and the new Neko Case, and my various other recent obsessions.

Last night I had a bit of a... well, maybe not epiphany, but at the very least a "moment". My mom was in town, and we went out for my 'birthday' dinner (my actual birthday was a few weeks ago, but it was belated for my aunt, uncle and mom). Anyway, I had a cake, and blew out the candles and had to make a wish, as per birthday etiquette. And as I though of my wish, I had a hard time deciding. I have great friends, and altogether a great life lately. Mostly, I just dislike my job, but at least it's part time. I'm not in love, and not with a girl, but I'm happy on my own right now, and I realize that you can't rush that kind of thing... in my experience, it tends to sneak up on you. So, overall, i'm feeling pretty positive. And that was reinforced later that night, when I went over to J's, and he gave me some prestents as part of an incredibly belated gift exchange. And my friend Bianca totally out of the blue gave me this book "Vinyl Hayride" filled with retro Country album covers. Holy smokes! How much do they rule? (Hint: altot)

So, long story short, I'm feeling pretty sunshiney, especially since the weather's been cooperating. Come out to Bedhead tonight and feel the love.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Reach out and touch someone

Woo hoo! I just got my computer connected to the internet via wireless! I can update my blog properly... well, sorta, except that there's nothing very new to report. I spent the past few days working a bunch of overtime for the man, since it was rrsp season. Today was a full day... work shift at Karma co-op in the a.m., followed by some Siris time. In the evening, I did my literacy tutoring, then went for a quick beer at the Gord Perks campaign thank you party. Most people I met during the election weren't there... however, Gord did give me a hug (awww...) and told me to e-mail him...

I have a busy weekend ahead... I'm supposed to visit Paul tomorrow and see his new baby, which I'm excited about. Here's a pic (hope you don't mind Paul) of little Will's smushed up, pissed off, newborn face:

Also Annemarie's invited me to some big dinner for her work Saturday night. I've been promised that there will be a mariachi band there. So I cannot miss it. I will report back on that.